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Our client-focused approach combines strong team involvement, high level expertise and the roll-out of a meticulously considered strategy for each of your requests.

Gouaux Abergel

Our level of investment is optimal and consistent regardless of the case to be handled, because there is no such thing as a “small” case. Our team acts not only as a high-profile lawyer, but also as a genuine service provider, with high added value and the ability to offer top-of-the-range legal advice through a constant concern for quality and creativity in the work we do.

We continually seek to strike the perfect balance between the client’s operational needs and the legal resources required to reach the goals set for us, all without resorting to superfluous and counter-productive excessive measures.

Since 2013, our firm has been ranked in the “Excellent” category of the best French law firms specialising in lease law by Décideurs magazine.

Our lawyers
    Since 2013 Excellent

    Best law firms in France in Lease Law

A firm

confident in
its skills,

and therefore confident in
your success

We are active at every level of real estate law, in particular in the field of commercial and corporate leases.

With in-depth expertise in the various areas of real estate law, we assist and advise our clients on the negotiation, drafting and management of their various contracts relating to all types of assets.

Our lawyers ensure that they are enforced judicially by supervising their implementation and keeping abreast of any legislative or regulatory developments that could lead to a change in their form and/or substance.

Our firm continually adopts a business perspective as close as possible to our clients’ needs, with the sole aim of achieving excellence.

A firm

run by dedicated lawyers,

driven by strong human values

Availability, proximity, and responsiveness are the watchwords at Gouaux Abergel Associés. Our values are at the heart of every legal service we provide and are an integral part of its continuum.

We are passionate about our profession and are committed to practising according to the highest professional standards, as well as to our own ethical and human values.

We build relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and commitment, so as to work together under the best possible conditions and achieve optimum results.

This climate of trust generates not only effective and efficient performance, but also considerable time savings thanks to simplified communication and improved listening.